Workshop: General Introduction to Sound Therapy Techniques With The Didgeridoo

Tuesday, March 246:00—7:00 PMThe Lois M. Anderson Community RoomThe Newbury Town Library0 Lunt St. , Byfield, MA, 01922

Didgeridoo sound therapy is a holistic health and healing modality used for adjunct, supportive and primary treatment of a wide range of health and wellness issues. This workshop program will offer the participants an introduction to using sound as a holistic health wellness tool. The didgeridoo and the sounds it produces will be the primary demonstration instrument but the program will also include demonstrations of sound therapy tones produced by concert pitch contemporary Himalayan singing bowls.

Program topics:

  • Sound therapy vs Sound Healing
  • Cross cultural discussion of subtle energy systems
  • Determining the quality of a sound
  • Octave and Key
  • Experiential Chakra Clearing with the didgeridoo
  • Joseph Carringer is an internationally known didgeridoo musician and sound therapist. In his sound therapy practice he uses concert class didgeridoos, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian and organ theory with Ayurvedic Chakra philosophies creating a unique and powerful therapeutic sound healing experience. Joseph presents and performs both nationally and internationally on the effects of didgeridoo sound therapy for the purposes of clearing energetic and emotional stagnation within the energetic body to wellness and healthy life style seekers, as well as to medical and holistic professionals.

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