Thursday, August 2010:30—11:30 AMBall Field / GroundsThe Newbury Town Library0 Lunt St. , Byfield, MA, 01922

Join us for Mindful Movement Yoga LIVE ON THE LIBRARY LAWN
August 6 & 20, 2020
What to bring:
 Your own yoga mat, towels and water. Class will be conducted in the shade. 


Ever feel like you’re just going thru the motions day-to-day? What were to happen if you started paying attention to your movements?

Mindful movement, what is it? It is less a focus on achieving the perfect posture and more about focusing on the body/mind awareness. When you develop movement routines and activities that are more than just physical, but instead, done mindfully, you allow your mind to focus, engage and be present. Breath supports movements, and your attention helps you feel the subtleties of actions. You get the most of your physical activity.

The benefits of mindful movement:

  • Lower stress and anxiety: reduce the mental conditions that have a physical impact
  • Improve level of focus: bring your attention to the here and now.
  • Mindful movement can help you strengthen your focus, relieve your stress levels and curb anxiety.
  • Think mindful movement yoga is not for you? Think again!

    Whether you have physical limitations or not, modifying your movements in a way that makes them doable for you and sensing what is appropriate for you, is mindfulness. There’s no downside to giving it a try and seeing how it benefits you. Nothing special to get started… just go ahead and give it a go!

    BIO: Chris Howe is a registered RYT-200 Yoga Teacher trained in Classical Yoga. Growing up, she was constantly active either running or playing any sport involving a ball. She took sporadic yoga classes but truly embraced yoga practice and philosophy during recovery from spinal surgery, which had removed a cyst that had left her right leg immobilized for a short period. She enjoys sharing her journey back to physical comfort through gentle movement, mindfulness, and much humor. She is a business and marketing consultant serving both for- and non-profits.

    Chris serves as a volunteer CTO for the Veterans Yoga Project, a non-profit providing education

    She has specialized certifications including Mindful Resilience for Trauma thru the Veterans Yoga Project, Level 1 Restorative Yoga with Jillian Pransky, and Yoga for Seniors thru Duke Integrative Medicine.

    Chris resides on the Massachusetts seacoast with her husband and her dog Kane and enjoys spending time exploring the outdoors and incorporating yoga principles of gratitude and mindfulness into her daily life.

    This program is co-sponsored by the Friends of the Newbury Town Library.

    Capacity: 12 of 15 spaces available.

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