Hidden History: Puritans and Quakers in 17th Century New England

Thursday, November 16:00—7:00 PMThe Lois M. Anderson Community RoomThe Newbury Town Library0 Lunt St. , Byfield, MA, 01922

Plymouth Rock and the Puritan landing in1620 figure prominently in American History, but the century and a half between that event and the American Revolution of 1775 is largely a mystery. Few people are aware of the shocking events that occurred in 17th Century New England, as they have been glossed over by our educational system. “Hidden History” explains why. ~ Olga Morrill

Olga Morrill is a retired librarian who has spent the past 4 ½ years researching the history of northern New England from 1623 – 1663 for her recently published book Vagabond Quakers: Northern Colonies. Although the book is historical fiction, it is based on actual occurrences involving real people and tells of the remarkable brutality inflicted on missionaries for the Society of Friends and their supporters by the Puritan authorities of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What was colonial life like for the first generation of American-born settlers? How did the Puritans govern? Why did they react so violently to the Religious Society of Friends? Who were the original proponents of religious toleration and equality on American soil?

Olga Morrill will address these questions after her talk. In addition she will read an excerpt from the book and sell signed copies. Vagabond Quakers: Northern Colonies is available on Amazon in trade paperback and Kindle formats. For details about the book and a full schedule of programs visit the blog at www.vagabondquakers.wordpress.com

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